Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

The Trademark Act of 1999 in India gives you the option to register a trademark. It gives the owner of the registered mark exclusive ownership rights and forbids others from using the mark.The "TM" symbol may be used with the applicant and the brand once a trademark has been registered. Trademark registration in India is crucial for brand protection. Given that trademark registration requires several stages and ongoing government oversight, it is usually advisable to do so under the guidance of a professional.

To safeguard distinctive trademarks, catchphrases, or coined concepts, trademark registrations are frequently employed. In India, trademark registration applications can be filed by individuals, businesses, and non-profit organisations. However, there are specific standards for each category of person or company when it comes to submitting a trademark application.

Documents Required for the Trademark Registration

Incorporation Certificate, Partnership Deed, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Form 48 Signed, Logo

Product Mark Registration

A product mark is put on a good or a product, as opposed to a service. A product mark helps to identify the source of the goods and to protect the reputation of the business. Trademark applications submitted under the trademark 1-34 may be considered product marks because they represent commodities.

Service Mark Registration

Like a product mark, a service mark is used to distinguish services as opposed to products. The major objective of the service mark is to assist set apart the owners from those of other businesses that provide services that are similar. Since the trademark applications fall under trademark classes 35 through 45, they may be viewed as service marks.

Pattern Mark Registration

The pattern markings apply to goods with a particular designed pattern that acts as its identifying feature. Rejecting patterns that don't stick out as significant. A pattern mark needs to be clearly distinguishable to be registered.

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